Dry Bulk Truck Blowers
For pneumatic conveying of cement, powders, pebbles, sand, and granular materials.




Tuthill truck blowers are proudly made in the USA with rugged construction that provides you with solid, lasting performance.  The T850 & T1050 are highly versatile and able to unload a variety of products from fine powders to food products to pebbles. Features include oil tanks at both ends, broad flow capabilities, large drive shaft and bearings, and 20 psi capability.  Tuthill truck blowers are engineered with built-in silencing chambers for noise reduction.


T850 Specifications
Air Flow: 390 - 1000 CFM
Pressure: 20 psi continuous
Vacuum: 17” HG continuous
Blower Weight: 430 pounds
Dimensions: 22.7”L x 12.13”H x 17.97”D
Warranty: 12 months


T1050 Specifications
Air Flow: 450 - 1300 CFM
Pressure: 18 psi continuous
Vacuum: 18” HG continuous
Blower Weight: 495 pounds
Dimensions: 25.2”L x 12.13”H x 17.97”D
Warranty: 12 months


Features & Benefits
Noise Limiting Port: Specially engineered for lower operating noise


  • Triple Lip Oil Seal: Designed to prevent water from entering gearbox
  • Large Drive Shaft: Less susceptible to bending, ensuring long life
  • Large Oil Capacity: Sumps at both ends, no grease
  • SHUR-MELT Plugs: 4 possible locations
  • Viton® Lip Seals: Designed to prevent oil leaks
  • Large Bearings: Longer life




  • Hydraulic Drive and Dual Shaft options available
  • Hydraulic adaptor option is available for specialized installations


Packaged Units
Truck blowers are available as packaged units, complete with components selected specifically for your application. Electric or engine-driven options are also available.