Pintle Hitch and Towing Devices:

Pintle Hitch and Towing Devices:   We manufacture a variety of heavy duty pintle plates made for pulling heavy pup trailers down to the ease of towing your farm implement equipment behind your semi tractor.


Rebuilt & New 5th Wheels:

We rebuild fifth wheels and in stock we have many refurbuished and rebuilt used fifth wheels. We have rebuilt fifth wheels that have new jaw kits and we also have refurbished fifth wheels with good existing jaw kits.  There are many brands to choose from like Holland, Fontaine, Simplex and Jost.  We also have fifth wheel parts that are available also like handles, rails, air slide acuators and more.

Refurbished fifth wheel 



Raising 5th Wheels:

Raising your fifth wheel can help you gain trailer heigth and also help prevent trailers from hitting tires of your tractor axles or fenders.

 Raised fifth wheel