At Midwest Truck Equipment we do all kinds of aluminum and steel welding.  We weld aluminum and steel hydraulic tanks, fuel tanks, air tanks, and more.  We can do axle welding, all trailer welding, cross member welding and more.

1. In the first picture you can see the fluid flow rapidly out of the corroded areas of the tank.

2. This is a closer view of the corrosion that occurrs behind tank staps on aluminum tanks.

 The tanks are acidized so that they are clean of any debris. The corroded areas are then cleaned with a wire brush, the weak areas are knocked down and then the area is filled in with weld starting from the strong edges all around the corrosion.
4. This is a picture of the finished product.  The surface is all ground down and there is hardly a trace that the tanks has been repaired.  The entire area is as stong as it ever was.


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