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Adding a wet kit to your tractor will increase its abilities in many ways.  We stock a large variety of pumps, PTOs, fittings, hoses, filters, filter heads and more! 
We offer a wide variety of different wet kits such as, End dump trailers, dump trucks, walking floors, belt trailers, Auger systems, side dump trailers, side dump and belt trailer combo kits, and all kinds of circulator systems.
There are many options you have when it comes to installing a desired wet kit.  After your know what wet kit you need you have options as far as steel, poly or aluminum tanks, round or square, frame mount or side mount and also hydraulic coolers.  Quick dumps, flow valves, pressure relief valves are all common add-ons without much difference in kit prices. 

Complete 3 Line Wet Kit for Dump Trailer

Our standard kit is set up with Metaris components and makes for very easy installation.
The kit includes a 50 Gallon behind the cab frame mount steel tank along with mounting springs.  The kit has installed a sight glass, filler cap, adequate fittings along with a 1-1/4” and a 1” ball valve made for easy maintenance.
A Metaris direct mount PTO and a Metaris MH-102 direct mount dump with three fluid ports. It consists of a suction, a pressure and a built in relief valve for your third line return to go back to your tank with fittings already mounted in the tank previous to purchasing.  This third line gives you reassurance that you pump will not burn out if left engaged. The pump also comes with a pump hanger strap for extra support on the tail end of your pump.
Apsco 13” tower, AV-295 feathering valve and 30’ of black DOT air line with all quick connect fittings for easy installation. 
Manifold for the bulkhead fitting with bulkhead installed (no quick connect or wing coupler included) easily attaches to the frame by clamping with 4 - 3/8” bolts (not included).
There is 10’ of 1-1/4” suction hoses, 1” High Pressure hose and 1” return line with 2 T-bolt style clamps for the suction hose.

Belt Trailer Wet Kit
This wet kit comes standard with Metaris components.  A Metaris MT8925000 PTO and a Metaris P51 Pump.  The pump is a direct mount pump and will come with fittings installed in the on correct ports with specified engine rotation.
30 Gallon steel side mount/frame mount tank.
Parker Chelsea air operated PTO engage switch with light and PTO ground wire but no power wire. The switch can be easily mounted in the dash or on a custom made plate including 20’ of black DOT airline, and quick connect fittings for fast installation.
The tank will come with a one inch ball valve on the suction line so the fluid can be shut off to the pump at any time.
There is 1 1” suction hose with king nipples and T-bolt style clamps, a ¾” High pressure hoses for the pressure side and a ¾” return hose.

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